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Fresh Harvest Acorns are the Best for Planting

The Benefits of Buying Quality Acorns for oak Tree planting 

For people who love trees and are looking for ideas on the best trees for planting, is the oak. Also known under the genus Quercus, it is widely recognized as one of the most prized trees in America. Found in Northern Hemispheres throughout the world, they offer incredible beauty and are lovely for eco-sustainability. Oak trees have been prized for their many contributions to the earth, forests, and private property enjoyment.


Fresh Harvest Acorns Can Grow Oak Trees that can Live Hundreds of Years.

 While grown from the humble beginnings of acorns, oak trees can reach towering heights and provide excellent shade for homeowners. Unlike some other trees, the oak tree can root rather quickly and easily. Many species of oak trees are known to live for hundreds of years. Some famous oaks, such as the Seven Sisters oak tree in Louisiana, are said to be over 1,500 years old. One of the earliest known colonies of oak trees is the Quercus Palmeri or Palmer’s oak, located in Riverside, California, and is said to be a whopping 13,000 years old. 

  Acorns used for oak trees germinate quickly and can be started in a small container and transplanted to their destination in about 45 days. Oak trees are considered fast-growing trees. They are also very hardy trees and grow in almost all areas of the country in a wide variety of soil types with differing climates. 

 Oak trees from acorns are beautiful school projects for children and are great for memorial plantings and as unique family heirloom trees. Oak trees from acorns are also great for unique memorial trees, which can readily start from a quality acorn. Once the tree is 4-5 years old, it can easily be transplanted to a different permanent location.

  For Earth Day plantings, acorns are ideal for reforestation and planting projects. For local municipalities, acorn germinating can be a community project by gardeners, children, seniors, veterans, or any specialized group. Once they have been nurtured for a few years, they can readily transplant to several park locations around town as honorary trees.


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