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Privet Plants 

Common Privet - Ligustrum Vulgare

Privet is an incredibly versatile plant. Fast growing, it is the perfect base for a thick plush hedge or shaped topiaries. With adequate water it will grow up to 3' in a single year and the only maintenance necessary is trimming.

Privet Plants are pretty low maintenance, except for the trimming 

Dark green oval leaves cover the plant for the entire growing season. The bark of the privet is smooth and runs from tan to gray. In late spring white flowers appear followed by berries which draw the birds. Any time after flowering, it is a good idea to perform the first pruning. For the thickest hedges, prune three to four times a season. Privet can also be used as both a living and a privacy fence. 

Privet can be planted almost any time of the year. Space the plants a minimum of 18" apart and place in the partial shade to full sun. Privet also appreciates slightly wet soil. This plant is a great choice for beginners due to its minimal requirements, fast growth and the ability to tolerate air pollution. 

Privet Plants are usually evergreen

JAPANESE PRIVET, Ligustrum Japonicum 

Japanese Privet is an attractive shrub that can be grown into a small tree. The Japanese Privet is used as an ornamental for borders and screens in a landscape. It can get up to 18 feet high and up to 25 feet wide. Japanese Privets can grow in partial to full sun. This shrub will grow in well-drained soil. Japanese Privets have glossy, dark green foliage and white blooms in the spring and summer. 


The Amur Privet is a thick and luscious green shrub, widely used for hedges due to its tolerance for deep pruning. It prefers well-drained, sandy, alkaline soils. Blooms small, milky white flowers with a faint but pungent aroma in late spring. Often this scent is effective as a wildlife deterrent from newly sprouting gardens and edible flowers.

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