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Privacy Shrubs

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Purchase a Variety of Privacy Shrubs to attract different species of wildlife from Tn Nursery

Privacy Shrubs - Privet hedges, hemlock privacy benefits. In addition to added privacy, privet and hemlock hedges also provide:

  • A barrier that helps reduce traffic and other noise.
  • Protection from harsh winds.
  • Landscaping interest with added color and texture.
  • Shelter that attracts birds and other wildlife to your yard.

Privacy Shrubs can be evergreen or flowering

Privet Hedges-Thick, formal privet hedges are a classic choice. Privet is a fast-growing, evergreen shrub that produces small white flowers and forms a hedge quickly, especially if you buy larger plants. Privet grows to 12' to 15', but can be pruned to any height. It is best to prune the top part of the hedge so that it is narrower than the base to let sunlight in to lower branches. Privet hedges are also versatile. To form a hedge, plant shrubs 1' to 1.5' apart. To create an opening for an entrance or walkway, plant the shrubs to each side of the opening farther apart. You can then use pruning to train the shrubs on each side of the entrance to form a natural arch over your walkway, and you can set a gate within your privet arch. You can also create an arch in your privet hedge as a frame for an attractive view. In fact, privet is an ideal shrub for topiary. It can be pruned into any shape. 

Privacy Shrubs need plenty of care and attention to grow the way you want them

Canadian Hemlock Hedges -The Canadian Hemlock is a coniferous evergreen with thick foliage of dark green needles on slightly cascading but fine textured branches. The undersides of the needles are banded with silver. In addition, in the summer and fall, hemlock hedges produce brown cones, which vary in size depending on the species of hemlock. So, hemlock hedges provide constant, year-round interest for your landscape. Hemlock grows to varying heights, again depending on the species, but species that grow to heights from 5' to 10' are ideal choices for hedges.

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