Possom Haw Holly

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Possom Haw Holly is a great addition for anyone looking to add color to their Landscape

Possum Haw Holly tree is a beautiful tree that is sure to make an excellent addition to any landscape. The Possum Haw Holly makes a significant part of any yard and will also help your home stand out more as a result. With this tree, you will get lots of beautiful leaves that grow all year round. The leaves on the Possum Haw Holly turn red during the fall and therefore provide a charming and unique appearance to it during this time of year. The Possum Haw Holly can grow up to about 15 feet tall at full maturity. One of the unique things about the Possum Haw Holly is that it grows berries so it can provide an excellent food source for some animals over the course of the year. As far as growth rate, this tree grows at a relatively reasonable rate compared to most other trees. The Possum Haw Holly can live for at least 50 years as well. The berries develop and grow throughout the year. It usually stops growing once it matures and stays the same size once entirely built. This tree is an excellent option to take advantage of when looking to plant a tree. With the lovely leaves, compact size and also the berries that grow on it, the tree will provide you with one of the most beautiful trees that you can have in your yard. It is essential to make sure you plant this tree in areas that have moist soil and proximity to bodies of water such as swamps and lakes so that it can more easily adapt.

Possom Haw Holly, also commonly known as yaupon holly, is an evergreen shrub that is used in many landscapes


Possom Haw Holly– Ilex vomitoria. It is native to the southeastern portion of North America. It is a chosen shrub for landscaping because it is easy to trim and maintains an aesthetic appeal that lasts all year long. It has glossy dark green leaves that are almost oblong with toothed margins and average 2” long and 1” across. The bark is a light to medium gray. The underside of the leaf is a paler green-grey color. The glossy dark green leaves make it easier to see the hidden small white flowers that appear in April, which turn to a red berry in fall and last throughout winter. They can grow to a height of 20” tall, but the average is 15” with an 8-12 foot rounded crown spread. It makes an excellent winter focal point in the yard.

Wildlife love the Possom Haw Holly

The birds love the holly for both the berries and the shelter it provides. Although the birds love the berries, they are not an edible berry for human consumption. Berry production is seen on the female shrub and must have a male to pollinate blossoms to produce berries. It is hardy between USDA Zones 7-9 is where it grows the best and prefers full sun or partial shade and is insect and disease resistant. In the wild, it is seen growing within marshes to sandy beach dunes. It tolerates most soils and is a little more forgiving in drought spells. Harsh winds can be slowed down when planted and used for a windbreaker, especially if left to grow to full height. If planting in the northern areas, plant where it is not taking the brunt of the winds, but use as a secondary wind barrier. This will significantly reduce wind speeds.


USDA Climate Zone: Three to nine

Tree Height: Ten to fifteen feet

Soil Type: Best for floodplains and areas close to swamps and lakes

Sun: Full sunlight

Possom Haw Holly