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Plant Grab Bags give you a good variety of plants for your garden

If you want variety in your garden and on your property and want to have thriving plants and trees and not just seeds delivered to you, consider purchasing one or more of our Grab Bags. Anyone, including a homeowner, can order at the low grower prices, and we can ship anywhere.

Some of the current incredible values are the following:

Fast Growing Tree Deal

You will receive five trees that are already three to four feet high. That includes a Red Maple, a Sugar Maple, a Silver Maple, a Poplar, and a Water Oak. One of the best and fast-growing shade trees is the Hybrid Poplar that can grow from five to eight to even 24 inches in one year. It can mature to 60 inches high with an average of 40 to 50 inches and with a spread of approximately 30 inches. They are easy to cultivate and have deficient maintenance, not even requiring fertilizer.

Grab Bags can be perennials, ferns, or trees

Flowering Trees Package

Trees are the number one oxygen source that humans breathe. Additionally, a tree brings shade, decreases temperatures. The fruits are healthy and can aid human metabolism, they invite beautiful birds and wild animals, and the flowers are gorgeous when in a multitude of popular ornamental uses.

Fruiting trees all have flowers as that is where fruit comes from. The Package includes five trees that are three feet tall: two Redbud, one Pink Flowering Dogwood, one White Flowering Dogwood, and one Tree of Heaven.

Grab Bags help you to add many different shades of color to your landscape

Perennial Garden Package

The Package contains 25 different plants. Growing perennials is not only a satisfying and easy hobby that beautifies your yard or garden and can frame the driveway or enhance a fence with a broad palette of colors and aromas. They also attract butterflies and have a positive impact on the environment. They only have to be planted once and can be divided in a way that there will always be one or two kinds blooming.

Wildflower Grab Bag

This Grab Bag has 25 various hardy plants with each one growing up to 12 to 18 inches tall. There will be a wide selection of wildflowers for one low price that will fit into your budget. The plants will do well if they are grown in well-drained moist soil in areas that have levels that are neutral and acidic.


Plant grabs bags has lots to offer, like finding the perfect plants for your zone!