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Pine Trees

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Pine Trees are lovely and will be beautiful for much of the year

Pine trees range in heights from fifty to eight feet. Pine trees have a life expectancy of more than 70 years. They make excellent privacy fences, hedges and also are used for furniture, flooring and to build houses with. Pine trees come in many varieties like white pine, loblolly pine, and southern yellow.

Trees are always an important part of your landscape and these are of great variety. Spruce, Loblolly, and Yellow pine are types of pine trees we have available on our online nursery. Buy pine trees online at TN NUrsery. Your one-stop nursery.

Pine Trees have many uses in landscaping

Spruce pine trees are native to the eastern US, growing in Zones 3-8. These large beautiful trees are readily transplanted and grow to heights of 50-80 feet. They also grow rapidly, with a height increase of 2 feet every year. Their 20 to 40-foot spread and attractive pyramidal shape make them ideal for windscreens. Their needles are long and bluish green, and their 3 to 8-inch cones are slender and smooth. They can grow in a diverse range of soil types, from wet boggy areas to dry, rocky mountainous ones. They can grow in either full sun or partial shade. 

Pine Trees are the most common used for Christmas trees

Yellow pine trees can refer to a number of three-needle evergreen tree species, all of which are native to the Southern United States. All of them grow in zones 8 and 9, though some can grow in zones 6, 7, and 10 as well. These hardy trees do well in many different soil types, ranging from wet flooded depressions to rocky upland areas. Once established, they are drought tolerant. All species of yellow pine can grow to heights above 80 feet, and some of them can even reach over 100. Most of them grow rapidly and have widely spread limbs with dense needles, making them ideal for windscreens or shade areas. As they mature, they lose their lower boughs. All yellow pine species prefer full sun, but several of them can also grow in partial sun. 

Loblolly pines are native to the American South, growing in hardiness zones 6-9. These drought tolerant trees grow best in full sun and prefer moist clay or sandy soils, but can grow in many other soil types too. Loblolly pines can grow to be between 60 and 90 feet tall and 25 to 35 feet wide, with densely spaced boughs that grow high on the trunk. Their long, pale green needles give off a distinctive and pleasant aroma somewhat similar to citrus. Their rapid growth, shade, and long lifespan make them ideal for quick windscreens.