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Perennials are wonderful planets to have around, as they bloom year after year and thus reduce time spent re-planting each spring. Some of the most popular and beautiful perennial plants are Virginia Blue Bells, May Apple, and White Trillium. Though all of these species are perennial plants, they are also spring ephemerals, so they bloom in the spring and then go dormant in the summer. All three of these plants are an excellent addition to anyone's home.

Virginia Blue Bells

Virginia Blue Bells (Mertensia virginica) tend to grow in two-foot-tall clumps, with small, greenish-grey leaves and small, slender, bell-shaped flowers, which are usually blue but can include shades of purple and pink. These Virginia Blue Bells, perennials are easy to cultivate and look especially nice on the borders of flower beds and at the base of shrubs. The plants bloom in early spring and become dormant in early summer.

May Apple

The May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum) will produce a thick green stalk 15 to 20 inches tall, with two smaller branches, each with a 10-15 inch wide palmate leaf. The size and shape of the May Apple's leave form an umbrella-like canopy. These plants are often found in forests and thrive best in the shade. The plant produces a small white flower at the base of the two leaf stalks in late spring, and fruit later in summer (the fruit should not be eaten.)

White Trillium

The White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) is another forest plant that blooms in the spring. The plants grow to about 6-12 inches high, with dark green, egg-shaped leaves, measuring 5-8 inches long. Each branch produces three leaves, and from the center of the leaf cluster, an odorless white flower, measuring about two inches long. The White Trillium makes a beautiful spring ornamental due to its beauty and ease of cultivation.