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Perennials - Gardening Tips & Treasures

A perennial is a plant whose root system retains vitality for longer than two years. Perennials multiplies while and often die back in late summer while others appear vibrant year-round. A plant grown outside of its natural climate zone may die completely due to extreme cold or heat.

Growing perennial plants, whether indoor or outdoor, is a satisfying hobby that leaves a positive environmental impact

Houseplants and yard plants alike can add vibrant color to any space. For those of us born without a naturally green thumb, this is a little bit easier said than done. Keeping track of planting seasons and cultivating plants can be difficult concepts for many people to grasp. Thankfully, there are plants called perennials. They live for decades, coming back year after year without having to replant. Another bonus to many types of perennial plants is that they are very hearty.

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Where other types of wildflowers can be more delicate and high maintenance, many perennial plants require the bare minimum regarding care and upkeep. Finding the right perennial to add to get your garden started (or to add to your existing patio) requires you to have a reasonably good grasp of two things.

Space-Knowing how much growing space you have available is crucial. If you have a large yard with a significant amount of space you are trying to garden in, you are going to choose different plants than someone growing out of patio pots or window boxes. The amount of growing space also changes based on whether or not there are other plants in or around the empty gardening area.

Where To Plant Your Perennials

Location-Your regional climate will help you determine what kind of perennial plants will have the most significant success in your garden. Factors like humidity, shade, and local season variables all play a role in how well you can grow certain plants. Once you have a realistic sense of what kind of perennial plants will work best with your location and your amount of gardening space, all that is left is to get them, plant them, and watch them bloom for years to come.