Perennials For Ohio

The lovely state of Ohio is among the top 5 buying states for our company. As a way of saying thank you to our buyers in that area we are attempting something a bit different in an effort to cater to you and make your selection process of plants much more convenient. We have set up categories for plants that grow well in the state of Ohio. In this category, we have listed all perennials that will reach their full growth potential in the climate zones of Ohio. It is our company’s hope that this will be helpful when selecting perennials for our Ohio buyers. Instead of having to browse through several categories, you can browse and select perennials from this one category making the experience much more efficient. We appreciate all of the orders and the business that we receive from Ohio and hope this method will be of use to you, the buyer. Please provide any ideas or comments in the remarks section under the checkout section. We will be working to improve these new categories and appreciate your input and feedback. It is our desire to keep Ohio in our top 5 buying states and we will work very hard to do so.