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We Ship To All States

No License Need To Buy From Us Even Though We Are A Wholesaler

We Grow Plants For All Zones, And Seed Sources From All zones is what we plant to be able to ship to every state

All Products Has All Stock Now or Beside Each product You Can Choose A Later Ship Date, Order Early For Guaranteed Availability

Shipping Is At Our Cost, Always For 57 Years

We Ship Fedex Ground

We Package All Our Fresh Dug Plants With Moisture Rich Peat Moss, Dip In Moisture Gel and Surround Roots With Plastic To Prevent Any Shock

Complete Planting Instructions Are in Every Order package On Arrival

We Ship To Homeowner's and Business

We Guarantee All Our Stock and Offer a1 Year

We Are Located In Middle Tennessee - Altamont 37301

Phone 931-692-4252 (sales) 931-692-4266 (Customer Service)

All Plants are Grade A and USDA Certified