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Day Lily or Hemerocallis

The bright orange day lily remains a classic choice for anyone's yard or flower bed. Daylilies need virtually no care and thrive where they are planted for many years. Daylilies do well in a wide variety of soil and light conditions, and in many growing zones, including zone three.

Orange blooming plants are often surrounded with greenery to bring out the bright color

The day lily has linear, smooth basal leaves and flowering stalks. The vibrant green leaves are parallel and taper to a point. The daylily's flowering stalk emerges from the center of the leaves and grows much taller than the leaves. A panicle of a few flower cluster develops at the apex of the stem. The flower has six arching petals which are large, and measure about 3.5 inches across. The flower's throat is yellow. Daylilies have fibrous rhizomes and roots. The plant multiplies through these roots, as orange daylilies don't usually produce seeds and are sterile.

Orange blooming plants are very impressive 

These impressive plants do well in both partial shade and sun but need at least six hours of direct sun to thrive. These daylilies adapt to most types of soil but seem to enjoy slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soil. Don't plant daylilies under shrubs or trees, however, as the plants compete for water and food.

They reach from one to four feet in height. The cheery orange flowers work well as plants for slopes as their root systems hold onto the soil for dear life. They don't require very much care, as long as they occasionally get watered. Daylilies fill in empty spots well. These striking orange flowering plants grow from zone three upwards and aren't bothered by cold winters. Each daylily flower only lasts for one day, hence the common name "daylily." Some of the newer variety of daylilies now have a lovely fragrance and last somewhat longer than one day. While they start blooming in the late spring, daylilies continue to blossom into the summer.

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