Orange Blooming Perennials

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Orange Daylilies are well-known for their vibrant, orange blooms that you can sometimes see growing along roadsides around the country. It is an extremely hardy, adaptable perennial that does well in most any type of soil, whether in the sun or shady gardens. They will grow around 48” tall and up to 20-24” wide, so when planted, they need their space to reproduce. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them. However, they require little to no maintenance. Besides its deep orange trumpet of color, it also has long slender leaves and works wonderfully in adding texture and color to a flower bed, borders, or natural area.

Orange Blooming Perennials are often used in Fall decorations

The foliage of the Spotted Touch-Me-Not is a darker green and looks fantastic as the orange blossoms start to appear. Jewelweed is a type of impatiens that forms a beautifully bright orange bloom. It has a small, pouch-like flower with a long spur in the middle and oval-shaped leaves. This annual flower is self-seeding and typically grows two to five feet in height. Seedlings will sprout in early spring, and flowering begins in mid-summer until the first frost. Though insects or hummingbirds must cross-pollinate their attractive orange flowers, they also have flowers that never open. These flowers will fertilize themselves without another flower.

Orange Blooming Perennials are very low maintenance

The flowers of the Turk's Cap Lily are orange with spots of maroon and bloom at the peak of summer in July. This flower attracts hummingbirds in the summer months. Another positive thing about this healthy plant is how resistant it is to diseases. It is extremely rare for this plant to be bothered by viruses and illnesses.

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