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Oaks trees- Quercus species are the oldest living trees known to man. Some oak trees have a lifespan of over 200 years and also reach towering heights over 100 feet. Oak trees are perfect for planting in soils for stability, clean air, increase oxygen and also for a lifelong enjoyment with a very stable root system.

Oak Trees are known for their beauty and their massive size

Each can top up over a hundred feet or more. Top varieties of oak trees are pin oak, willow oak, and white oak trees. Oak trees live for over 100 years and it the sturdiest of all trees. Everyone loves these type of trees, the #1 reason is that they are natives, meaning they are super easy to grow. They also produce lots of shade and homeowners love the stability of these type trees over most. They have sturdy base trunks which make them sturdy for any yard for many years to come.

Oak Trees are found in a variety of landscape settings all over the United States

Some of the most commonly planted oak trees include Pin oaks, Red oaks and Willow oaks. Not only are these trees hardy, but they add many benefits to the environment.

Pin Oak
The Pin oak is a moderate to a large tree that is one of the most widely planted in the United States. Due to its size, it is often used as a specimen tree or to line driveways. Fall color is one of the biggest benefits of Pin oak. Homeowners often choose this oak tree because it turns brilliant shades of red, orange and bronze during the fall.

Red Oak
Red oak is one of the fastest growing oaks, which is why many people choose it. This tree can reach up to 60 feet in height at maturity and has a pretty rounded crown. The leaves turn a pretty color of crimson during the fall, which makes it an attractive tree in any yard. Red oaks are a good choice for nature lovers because they produce small acorns used for food by squirrels, deer, and birds. These acorns are small, so they do not require a great deal of clean up.

Willow Oak
Home gardeners who want the benefit of shade trees, should look no farther than the Willow oak. This tree is often used as a shade tree in residential yards. It is also used to line streets and in parks. Willow oak grows to heights of up to 70 feet at maturity and can have more than a 50-foot spread. This oak tree has attractive willowy leaves that turn brilliant shades of yellow during the fall months. Homeowners looking to give wildlife shade, shelter and twigs for nest building should consider adding Willow oak to their yard.

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