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Native wild plants are - put - plants known to grow in particular geographical areas of the country. When planning or adding to your landscape or garden, it is wise to incorporate native wild plants and other plants that you select. You can be sure that the natives will thrive in your area, and it helps your garden blend with the surrounding area.

California Native Wild Plants are native to the west coast.

We have included plants that are native to California, which can be found growing wild naturally in the area. California is one of the top 5 states for our company as far as sales are concerned. It's our goal to cater to California buyers and do shopping, selecting, and purchasing plants much more accessible and enjoyable. We appreciate all of the business - and will do everything possible to maintain our working relationship with the buyers of California.

Native Wild Plants that thrive best in California climates (zones 5,6,7,8,9 & 10)

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