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Buying Mulches & Supplies that are essential to growing a successful garden from Tn Nursery

Benefits of Mulching Plants

Mulches protect plants from harsh winter temperatures, helps maintain moisture around roots and enriches plants with nutrients and vitamins. Mulch is used for overlooks newly planted trees and enables them to stay well balanced for maximum growth when transplanting. Mulch comes in many varieties and sizes.

Mulching plants with wood mulch offer many benefits. There are benefits for you, benefits for the garden plants, and benefits to you and the plants. It is not required to mulch plants, but mulching has many enticing advantages.

Mulches & Supplies help maintain plants and lower labor

  • Mulching plants reduces your overall labor by keeping weeds down. Keeping weeds down reduces unsightly appearances and prevents weeds from stealing valuable nutrients from your plants.

    Mulching plants help to keep the moisture close to the roots of plants. This can prevent plant death in times of drought and can help you save on your water bill. This also prevents the plants from getting too hot or too cold in extreme weather conditions.
    Mulching plants also help to build up the soil slowly. Increasing the nutrients and composition of your soil will lead to healthier plants overall. This process will take time but is worth the long-term investment so that you can reduce the need for external applications to improve the soil.
    Mulching plants can also adjust the pH for desired levels for the plants. Using pine mulch will make the soil more acidic while most other types of mulch will make the soil more basic. This is important to consider depending on the pH level that the plants will thrive in.
    Mulching plants with wood chips are also aesthetically pleasing. It can provide a consistent feel to your plants and a nice color contrast to other areas of your lawn.

  • Mulching plants and trees is less labor intensive than maintaining a yard in other ways?

  • After the initial application, it requires no maintenance and does not compete for nutrients with your plants. Purchasing wood mulch for your plants is a wise investment and one that can last from season to season. Using wood mulch for your plants has several benefits and virtually no negative consequences.

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