Autumn Red Maple

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 Autumn Red Maple also called Mountain Red Maple Tree- Acer Spicatum (Mountain Maple)  

Appropriately named Mountain Red Maple, this species of the smaller maple tree is native to the northeastern parts of North America including Saskatchewan and Newfoundland all the way south to Pennsylvania. It even has been found to grow in the southern parts of the Appalachian Mountains down to north Georgia where the elevation is quite high. These trees live in very moist wooded areas that are along different waterways or on rocky cliff sides.

Autumn Red Maple can grow in a more wooded area.

These types of maple trees tend to be smaller and grow between three and eight meters (10 to 25 feet). They have short trunks with slender branches. The leaves are quite modest, but quite lengthy and broad being six to ten centimeters (two to four inches). The leaves are coarse but are a bright green, hairless exterio. During the fall, the leaves will turn yellow, orange or red and truly show their bright colors.

The appearance of The Autumn Red Maple is breath taking 

The bark of the mountain red maple tree is relatively thin and a grayish brown. The bark is smooth at first, but over time it becomes almost scale-like. The fruit that grows is called samara, it tends to be red and winged. The samara usually falls from the trees during the late part of summer and early fall seasons. Inside of the trunks of the trees, sap (a type of sugar) can be taken from the tree and processed to make delicious maple syrup. The bark of the tree encompassed by tannins; this is used with coloring leather to make it more durable and last. The growth rate of the trees is considered slow or moderate, and it needs a colder and wetter soil to grow. Many people do appreciate these trees since they are beautiful in all seasons year round.