Mosses For Texas

Moss is a great addition to any landscape area or garden. The different types of moss contained in this category are the ones that will thrive in the climate zones in Texas. Texas is one of our top buying states and we are attempting to make the shopping experience much less confusing and easier to complete by listing only the types of moss that will grow there. By setting up this category, it is our hope that we can continue to maintain the great relation of seller and buyer in the magnificent state of Texas. Instead of having to shop through all the different types of moss or shop by zone, we are catering to the buyers in Texas by having all plants in this category that thrive in the state in one place. We appreciate the business that we have in Texas and certainly want to do everything we can to keep the state in the list of our top buyers. Please leave any remarks or comments in the remarks section at checkout that will help us to improve this category such as plants you would like to see or different categories. This information will help us to help you.