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Mosses work best in shade areas and places where there are lots of moisture.Moss is a premier garden staple for those with swampy regions because of its ability to thrive where little else will. This live plant is super easy to plant also. The application method for planting is merely scratch the surface of the soil and lay the moss pads down, water, and you're ready to see your live mosses grow and flourish. There are different varieties of species available. For example, carpet moss works well in areas where there is lots of foot traffic. Also works well when planted under swing sets or on playground areas. Sheet moss works well around all types of shrubbery, perennials and vine plants.


Mood moss also is very popular. It is used as topiary additions, in small areas and even creating a thick dark green appearance around anything it's placed by. We also have terrarium moss for those replete enthusiasts who love from, snakes or turtles. It gives a terrarium a feel of the real woods and works well to calm those little critters down once held captive for home enjoyment. We also have peat moss which is excellent to improve gardens, works as an insulator and also spreads well in stagnant areas of standing water. Also helps to clean up the environment thoroughly. We ship our moss to everyone in all states. This is probably our best selling item due to its ability to be planted so easily, low maintenance and it spreads to make a lush greenery anywhere planted. Also helps prevent those dangerous mosquitoes and other units of rodents from infecting your soils. Cushion moss is another favorite variety. It looks just like a lush green pin cushion. Moss Makes a beautiful centerpiece for dried flower arrangements as well as moss balls and other topiary designs.

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Favorite Moss For Shade Areas In a Garden

Mosses are quite common, easy to maintain, and serve many purposes in landscaping.


Mosses vary in shades of bright to dark greens, yellowish hues, and even brown hues.


They are perfect for shaded areas of your garden or flowerbed. They act as a beautiful ground cover to lock in essential nutrients for your surrounding plants.


Cushion Moss


Cushion moss, also called white moss, is a clumping moss that is grayish-white in color. It resembles a pincushion, hence the name. There are three species native to North America.


It grows very well in sandy, moist soils or swamp areas. They help to retain significant water and do not root very deeply. They can tolerate partial sun and drier environments than some other mosses.


Cushion moss clumps can grow up to one meter in diameter and up to four inches tall.

Buy mosses for areas of shade, moisture or to make a beautiful carpet-like appearance


Sheet moss is a type of carpet moss, getting their name from the way they grow to make carpet-like areas.


They typically serve as a lovely ground cover over your chosen area. They are usually very strikingly green in color.


Some use sheet moss for a grass substitute if there are areas where the grass seems to grow sparsely.


Fern Moss


Fern moss is a very soft, fluffy moss that is very visually appealing.


It thrives very well in moist, generously shaded environments. You may see fern mosses growing on tree bases, swampy woods, and forest floors.


This moss is used by birds and salamanders as nesting material. It is also used by tiny animals and insects as a protective covering.


There are several types of fern moss, all attractive in composition.


Peat Moss


Peat moss is an ideal additive to soils, as it serves much for fertilizers. It is dead material. It helps to retain the natural nutrients of the soil without having it filter out of the soil.


Peat moss also can greatly improve the texture or consistency of soils. Since it has an acidic pH, it is best used with plants that require acidic soil growth.


When mixed with other potting soils, it is a smart choice to use with seedlings, as it traps in nutrients needed for optimal growth.


Choosing a Moss for Gardening


The choice you make in moss purchase will depend on the aesthetic, purpose, and environment it is intendedfor.


Since the benefits and growth patterns vary, you can be selective in adding the moss that best fits your gardening stylings.


Mosses are sure to give you both the visual and practical results you wish!

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