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Buying Mixed Color will consider what colors to plant together in your garden from Tn Nursery

Building a garden, big or small, comes with a variety of questions for any gardener. A lot of things must be taken into consideration, including height at maturity, planting zone, usage, and other plant requirements. All of these will help a gardener create the space that they have always dreamed of.

But what if a gardener could also choose plants picked because it’s their favorite bloom color? With plants and flowers coming in a variety of colors, shouldn’t a color scheme be of extreme importance? Additionally, how amazing would it be for a gardener to step out onto a balcony or into the garden and see their favorite colors blooming in the sun?

It is now possible. Now all gardeners have to do is select their favorite color from the filter settings on this page to find plants that have bloom colors that make them happy. From whites and reds to blues and pinks, every color option will bring up dozens of colors that will complement their current or future color scheme.

Mixed Color makes plants easier to love 

And for gardeners who wish to make sure the plants they choose will fare well in their planting zone, it is possible to filter out all plants in a specific bloom color that does not match their territory. By cross-checking both zone and bloom color, the plants shown on the search page will be perfectly matched to a gardener’s needs, saving them time in their search for the perfect garden setup.

Mixed Color gets alot of positive feedback from gardeners and landscapers

This option is available to customers because the feedback on adding it to the website has been overwhelming. With more and more gardeners choosing to build gardens based on a bloom color scheme, this trend does not seem like it will be dying down any time soon. And since gardens are created to make the gardener happy, why not add the option?

Please note that bloom times for plants will vary and are listed on each product page. Not all plants with the same bloom color will bloom at the same time. Gardeners will want to plan their garden accordingly.

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