May Apple Plants

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Mayapple - Podophyllum peltatum Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Woodland Shade Mature Height - 11"-18" Mature Width- 12"-16"

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May Apple Plant will give gorgeous white blooms to enjoy

The May Apple Plants, also more uncommonly known as Mandrake, has a common name that refers to the May blooming of its flowers. Growing to about 1-1 1/2 feet tall the flower then unfolds to 6-8 inches in diameter. The Mayapple only has two leaves and one flower, which grows in the axil of the leaves, making it unique in appearance. The flowers, which are solitary, are white to rose in color and have 6-9 petals each with several stamens. The May Apple Plants has large, golden-yellow, fleshy, lemon-shaped berry fruit that many animals love to fest on. However, the leaves, roots, and seeds are not for human consumption. May Apple Provides Pretty White Blooms

May Apple Plants is a wildflower will look great in flower gardens.

It will bloom in April and will die out during the other summer months because it is an early bloomer. Map Apple does best in moist soil conditions but can also tolerate dry soil conditions. The Mayapple is a great plant that is disease resistant. This plant is planted fruits that are golden when to rip and are edible. It also prefers rich, moist soil. This plant is also tolerant of drought and dry conditions. The Mayapple bloom through April. Some older homeowners used to swear by this tree because they knew when they started seeing the flowers it was the first sign of spring and that winter was under its belt.

May Apple Plant is a perennial and is excellent for gardens or lawns.

May Apple grow great in fertile, moist soils and well-drained soils? It can also do well in dry soils which make this plant easy to take care of. This plant will grow in early spring and will give magnificent white blooms to enjoy. Mayapple will have no insect or problems with diseases.

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 May Apple Plants