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Maple trees grow to heights of more than 70 feet. All maples have vibrant fall foliage in colors from yellow to red. Maple trees are fast-growing and easy to maintain. Varieties of maple trees are red maple, sugar maple, silver maple, mountain maple, and improved varieties. Roots are not a problem when planting near walkways or patios.

Maple trees are favorites in the home landscape setting, especially in the South; These trees add a pop of color and glossy leaves during the growing season. Maple trees also attract a variety of birds and wildlife into the yard. 

Maple Trees are fast-growing shade trees.

Red Maple - The Red maple is also known as Swamp maple and is a member of the Aceraceae family. Native to North America, this tree is perfect for lawns and shade. It is also commonly placed around decks and to line streets. Red maple can reach heights of 60 to 70 feet. It is best known for its showy foliage during the fall months in yellow, red, and orange shades. 


Sugar Maple - Sugar maple is perhaps the most popular maple tree. It is most often used as a specimen and shade tree in residential lawns. Sugar maple can also be found lining residential streets. It is has a moderate growth rate and reaches heights of 60 to 80 feet when fully mature. Sugar maple has a uniformed and nicely shaped crown, which lends itself well to any landscape setting. 


Red Sunset Maple - There are many cultivars of the Red maple, and one of the most popular in southern states is 'Red Sunset.' This tree has strong wood and can reach heights of 40 to 50 feet. 'Red Sunset' is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a tree with vibrant shades of orange and red during the fall that lasts for many weeks. This maple also makes an attractive bonsai a focal point in the landscape. 

Maple Trees provide an abundance of beauty and color to any landscape setting.

They are easy to grow, sturdy, and typically low maintenance. In addition to brilliant fall color, maple trees also have attractive bark and a pretty shape that will compliment any landscape design.

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