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Live Stakes are simply cuttings from full grown or mature trees. They can be used in a variety of different ways and are a very economical way of obtaining a good quantity of trees for a great price. The live stakes that are included in this category will thrive in the climate zones of the great state of Texas.

Live Stakes for Texas make beautiful shade trees

Because Texas is one our top buying states, we wanted to make it easier and simpler for buyers to browse, select and purchase plants for their climate zone by including all the plants that do well in Texas under one section. This is our way of thanking you for all of the business that buyers in the great state of Texas have given our company. We are trying to cater to these buyers because we appreciate them so much.

Live Stakes for Texas helps you to choose exactly which live stakes to plant in your area

This is a new endeavor on our part and we would love to have your thoughts and feedback on things we can do to make this category better. Please leave any remarks or comments in the remarks section at checkout that will help us. If there are other types of plants that you would like to see or if there is a different way of showing the products please let us know your thoughts. We appreciate the state of Texas and its buyers and hope to maintain the status of this state as one of our top buying states.

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