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Live stakes are actual cuttings from adult trees and shrubs. These are very economical when one is looking for quite a few trees or shrubs at a great price. Another benefit of planting these is that they all tend to grow at the same rate, making them uniform in size and ideal for borders, windbreaks and such. In this category, you will find live stakes from trees and shrubs that thrive in the state of New York, which is one of our top buying states. As a way to say thank you for so many orders, we have created this category to make the shopping experience a much easier one for New York buyers. Instead of having to look in two or three different places on our website to find plants that will grow well in the climate zones of New York, one only has to look in one place. It is our hope that this method of shopping will make purchasing plants an easier task for our friends in New York. We appreciate all the orders and business that we have gotten from this great state and are attempting to cater somewhat to its buyers. Please leave us any comments on how we can improve this category such as different types of plants that you would like to see, particular plants you would like to see more of and if this method is a good one that works for you. These comments can be left in the remarks section when checking out. Again, we appreciate the many orders we receive from New York annually and want to maintain this fantastic relationship.

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