Live Moss Grab Bag

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Hardy Planting Zone 3-9, Light Requirement - Sun/ Shade, Mature Height 2"

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Live Moss Grab Bag - Vivamus Racomitrium Moss

Green luscious live moss can create a natural look for any garden. This vibrant plant contains soft, hair-like threads combined in a clump. The moss uses these threads to glue itself to its surroundings. It can go from a lime green color to a darker forest green color. They are relatively short, usually 0.2-10 cm tall. This plant has no flowers, leaves or stems. It is considered a non-vascular plant. Live Moss Grab Bag comes in a bag mixed with the best moss plants. They typically grow best in cold, dark, moist areas. Although they need lots of shade, live moss can survive several months of dry weather. Several homeowners who don't have a lot of time and attention for grass chose live moss instead. You won't need to fertilize or water it as much, or worry about weeding! Live moss can also help the plants around your garden, as they can grab moisture. These sponges will soak up the rainfall and will share it with your landscape. Live Moss also helps break down rocks and soil. Many older women use moss as a sense of calmness in their garden. Landscape workers will also use Live Moss to help restore landscapes. You can use Live Moss Grab bag for a landscape project as well. You can use Live Moss for both indoors, our outdoors. The seed is relatively easy to plant. Just add soil to it, in addition to water. Leaving it in sunlight will make it grow. Many people grow Live Moss both indoors and outdoors, inside pots or on the floor. Live Moss will give your landscape a luscious green look. The vibrant green fuzz will create a natural look, similar to a forest look. The Live Moss Grab Bag will be shipped to the consumer in a bare-root plant.

You will get a grab bag of some types we have listed on our website. Sorry, we can not take requests on what variety to put in your order. This is a grab bag deal.



Live Moss Grab Bag