18" Large Wooden Stump Planter

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18” Large Wooden Stump Planter 

For a nature-inspired alternative to the run-of-the-mill planters available at many stores, try a wooden stump planter. Not only is it an attractive option, but can work well both indoors and outdoors. At 18 inches tall, it is a standout piece that is both decorative and practical. A wooden stump planter is a great option as it is very durable and solid, making it a suitable planter for almost any plant, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

The wooden stump planter adds a rustic feel to space and gives each plant that rests in it a contrasting woodiness. It is perfect for everything from big leafy greenery to bright and colorful flowers. It is an unusual, yet appealing container for any plant. Indoors, this 18-inch tall wooden stump planter would be striking; a distinctive item that contrasts pleasantly with the perfectly shaped lines of furniture and rooms. Outdoors, the planter would catch the eye as natural work of art - no longer just a stump of wood, but a vessel holding different types of plants and creating a wholly new and interesting combination.

Large Wooden Stump Planter natural texture of the wooden stump planter makes it one of a kind. Just as no two trees are exactly the same, no planters of this type could ever be 100 percent identical. This uniqueness adds a dose of charisma and character to the planter and whichever space in which it is placed. Furthermore, the neutral color of the planter allows it to match any color palette, outdoors or indoors. Even if there is no plant placed inside it for a time, it is handsome and interesting enough to stand as a piece on its own.

Whether you need a decorative planter for the living spaces of your home or want a planter that will fit in well in an outdoor space, the wooden stump planter is a superb option.

The 18”Large Wooden Stump Planter is an excellent way to decorate your porch or patio. Planters have a keen ability to liven up the exterior of your home, welcoming guests, and family members alike. They even look great at poolside! Should you decide to outline the walkways to your home, or your driveway itself, these make for an excellent way to usher a wave of color, and beauty to your home. By implementing a standard of beauty for your lawn, or landscape, you know that you can take pride in all the hard work you put into your household.

These planters are not only crafted for exterior use, and many creative plant enthusiasts have found ways to utilize them indoors as well. They are large enough to capture attention, yet small enough to move around in case you find that one window, in particular, that could be better for access to sunlight. They create an aura of class and appeal, ensuring that your home is in good hands.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these planters also have the health of your plants taken into consideration. Tactfully placed drain holes which line the bottom of these wood planters dispense excess water from the base of the planter preventing oversaturation and damage to your plants. Should you decide to change to look and feel of the area you decide to place them in, the plants are interchangeable, leaving you with many options on matching the colors of your plants with the environment you place them in.

You have a sense of pride that you take in your home, and these 18” wooden planters help to affirm that. Any good home should have the décor it deserves, and these are an excellent way to keep your decoration fresh, innovative, and simple.

18 inch sizeable Wooden Stump Planters are perfect for a smaller area or smaller natural area

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Large Wooden Stump Planter