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Hypnum Moss

Hypnum moss, a member of the genus Hypnum, is a plant that you find in many different parts of the world in a variety of climatic zones. Hypnum Moss is also known as sheet moss, carpet moss, fern moss, log moss, and brocade moss. It exists on every continent except Antarctica. Hypnum Moss is so soft that it was originally used primarily as a filling for pillows and mattresses. Today they are a popular ground cover for landscapers. It is typically characterized by prostrate, creeping stems, each of which has branching leaves. These leaves are each about 1.0 to 2.1 mm long. The moss is dioecious, which means there are both male and female plants on there. These plants do best in the shade or partial sunlight. It is a shade of medium green. It is often used to cover the ground in between stepping stones and patio stones, and as a feature to highlight companion plants. It particularly goes will with evergreen ground covers and native wildflowers. Some homeowners love it so much that they use it to have a moss lawn that replaces the traditional grass lawn. If you are keeping your lawn, but also utilize moss in your landscaping, it is recommended that you not walk through moss directly after walking through a grass lawn since moss is sensitive to weeds and you will probably bring them on your feet. It fIts massive popularity for landscaping means that it is easily found online. Its mature height is anyone from 6” to 24”. Hypnum moss is one of the most adaptable of plants, capable of flourishing among rocks, logs, and just about any plant. It can also tolerate light to medium foot traffic which is one of the reasons why it is popular for outdoor walking areas.


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