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The Blue Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that features large, dark green, succulent leaves and massive blue flower clusters. This stunning shrub starts budding in early spring and is usually in full bloom when the summer months start. It will continue to stay in bloom for the entire summer and well into the fall. These beautiful blue flower clusters typically measure an average of 9-inches across, and the shrub will become so full that the branches will start to bow from the weight of the blossoms. This shrub will continue to bloom on old wood, so it is best to only prune the Blue Hydrangea after it is done flowering. The Blue Hydrangea is one of the hardiest flowering shrubs, and it can tolerate temperatures to 20 degrees below zero. This shrub is also so versatile that it can even be grown indoors. As an indoor delight, all it requires is a sunny window and plenty of moisture. This flowering shrub is perfect to create garden foundations, or they look as beautiful standing alone.

Hydrangea Shrubs are stunning flowering shrubs

The hydrangea is a flowering plant that changes colors according to the acidity of the soil. The flowers of the hydrangea can range from light pink to deep blue. The blossoms are sometimes huge clusters of small flowers that resemble a pom-pom. There are two flower types in the hydrangea family. The larger variety will have the pom-poms or mop-head flowers. The smaller plant will have a lacy bundle of flowers. Both varieties contain a center of fertile blossoms surrounded by sterile blossoms.

Hydrangea Shrubs are very popular shrubs

The flowers of the popular yard decor can be produced from early spring, and into late autumn depending on the climate. The ability to change the flowers color is based on how the ph levels or the acid levels are in the soil. The higher alkaline levels of the soil will produce a pink flower, and the more acidic soil will produce the deep blue blossoms. If one chooses, the blossom colors can be changed by simply altering the acidic levels in the soil. The plants can become large bushes or small trees in a relatively short period according to the conditions they are planted in. The ornamental plant thrives in rich acidic soil with plenty of sun and water.

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