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Hummingbird Vine- Campsis Radicans

Hummingbird vine, also known as trumpet vine, is a perennial climbing plant with bright, trumpet-shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds. The leaves are small and begin as an emerald green when new, and darkening as they mature. The flowers are orange to red in color with a yellowish throat. This vine can grow up to 33 feet and must be watched so that it doesn't overtake the surrounding plant life. The hummingbird vine needs full sun to partial shade, more sunlight resulting in more flowers. It will flourish in many different soil types, as long as there is adequate drainage. Hummingbird vines grow best in USDA plant hardiness zones 4-9. Planting this vine in colder climates will cause fewer flowers to bloom. The hummingbird vine needs about an inch of water per week. Hummingbird vine should not be planted to close to buildings or trees as it can cause damage to structures and strangle out other plant life. It's best to provide a climbing trellis to shape this vigorous climbing vine, otherwise it becomes a ground covering shrub that will smother any other flowers near it. As it's name suggests, it will attract plenty of hummingbirds looking for an easy snack. Planting hummingbird vine with a trellis near a patio area will provide a great view of all the birds that come for a visit. This vine needs little maintenance, aside from ensuring it doesn't take over the garden. Regular pruning in spring or fall will help control the growth. Hummingbird vine grows very rapidly in peak conditions, so it may be necessary to trim at both times of the year. Also, during pruning, be sure to remove dead and damaged limbs. Taking time to remove spent blossoms from the vine will keep the brilliant flowers blooming through the growing season.