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Advantages of Planting Evergreen Hedges
Evergreens are some of nature’s most versatile and beautiful plants. They can provide yearlong interest, remaining green even during brutal winters and providing dramatic color against a backdrop of snow. They are also perfect hiding places for birds who need to escape brutal winter wind and blistering summer sun.

In addition to providing shelter for birds and yearlong visual interest in your landscaping, evergreen hedges can be the perfect choice for maintaining privacy while increasing the beauty and value of your home. Evergreen hedges such as the California Privet hedge grow in tight rows that can shelter your house and yard from neighbors without the annual cost and maintenance of a wooden fence. Also, an evergreen hedge can grow taller and look more attractive compared to an 8’ tall privacy fence, while also providing a sound barrier.

Privet hedges are fast growers and have dense, thick foliage that is difficult to see through. Some varieties also produce flowers that attract birds, bees, and other beneficial pollinators, making them ecologically responsible choices for your landscape.

Because of their dense foliage, evergreen hedges are also able to withstand a variety of weather conditions, growing well even in mountainous areas that experience harsh winds. Unlike a human-made fence, evergreen hedges can reliably protect your privacy, as well as your property, regardless of the season and weather condition. An evergreen hedge can even act as a wind barrier, helping to prevent storm damage to your siding, gardens, landscape trees, or patio furniture.

Finally, evergreen hedges are also incredibly low maintenance, typically only requiring annual pruning to the desired height and shape. With proper care, they will grow and fill in quickly, giving your property a green, natural, and environmentally responsible green privacy fence that will keep your property looking beautiful throughout the year.