Green Mountain Sugar Maple

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The Beauty of the Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Native to North America, Acer Saccharum, also known as sugar maple, is a large shade tree with a broad, upright, oval-shaped form. This tree can grow anywhere from 40’-80’ tall and sometimes even 100’. In the fall, the leaves transform from green leaves to yellow-orange with hints of reds and browns. Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees bear the all too familiar two-winged Samara. The life expectancy of a Green Mountain Sugar Maple is 300 years and grows quickest in its first 35 years.

Because of its durable foliage, this tree is heat resistant and can withstand droughts and dry weather. This remains true if the area where the tree is growing is an open area where the roots can grow in a big soil space. For this reason, the Green Mountain Sugar Maple can best be used as a shade tree. The Hardy Planting Zone for this tree is 3-8. Growth rates for the Green Mountain Sugar Maple are moderate to slow. Green Mountain Sugar Maples make for beautiful street trees. However, this tree is intolerant to soil compaction, pollution, and road salt. This tree works best with well-drained soil.

The Green Mountain Sugar Maple can be used as a specimen tree, for screens, and extensive tree lawns. Much like the Sugar Maple tree, The Green Mountain Sugar Maple has strong limbs that can hold up against heavy winds. The fruit of the tree does attract a variety of birds and squirrels but does not contain nor attracts pests.

Due to its stable, stable branches, the Green Mountain Sugar Maple tree has a low branch failure rate. These trees are also able to grow in both full sun and shade. Mostly in the South when the color of the leaves begins to change, the leaves will have more of a vibrant, yellow color rather than orange or red.