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Wetland Grass prefers moist, wet soils. The roots are hardy and can do best in wet, soggy soil. These plants tend to grow in bogs, rivers, lakebeds, and in places where water collects. Buy wetland grasses online at TN nursery. We are your one-stop nursery for all your wetland grasses. 

Wetland restoration is a popular landscaping choice throughout the United States. When choosing the types of wetland plants and grasses for your location, it is essential to understand the kind of soil you have available, the amount of water your area receives, and most importantly, how you want your landscape to look.

Grasses for Zone 6 grow in many different species.

Wetland grasses come in a variety of species and cultivars. Some reach heights up to 8 feet or taller, while others are low-lying and reach heights of less than 12 inches. Grasses are soft-stalked and die back in colder climates, but their roots persist and help shelter small wetland creatures and prevent soil erosion. In the spring, these plants emerge. Throughout the warm months, wetland grasses add rich detail to pond, river, reservoir, and lake banks. They also provide excellent cover and act as privacy screens for private areas.

Wetland grasses range in texture from airy and fragile appearing grasses that blow in the breeze to firm greens that take on a clumping growth habit. Grasses that grow in clumps are highly desirable in landscapes because they can offset other plants and landscape features, such as willow trees or rocks. Combining large-scale landscape features with grasses adds to a site's diversity and brings eye-catching appeal and interest.

Grasses for Zone 6 act as buffers between zones

On the ecosystem level, these stunning plants act as a buffer between different zones. Low-lying aquatic plants are one portion of a healthy ecosystem, as are shore-oriented shrubs. In between these zones is a need for healthy vegetation that prevents soil erosion and can withstand changes in water levels. Most wetland grasses can tolerate periods of drought without losing their visual appeal. These perennial grasses will return year after year, even if growing conditions vary.

A combination of wetland grass heights, textures, and flowering schedules will result in an exciting landscape that attracts birds, wildlife and is appreciated by human guests and visitors.


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