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Purchase Grasses for Zone 8 from TN Nursery that are Becoming The Trend in Upscale Design

Grass plants are incredibly versatile. It looks excellent mown into a lawn or allowed to grow tall to wave gracefully in the breeze. If you're looking to buy affordable grass for your garden or commercial landscaping project, then you're in the right place.

Grasses for Zone 8 will become perfectly suited for your area.

We stock affordable grass plants for every USDA hardiness zone that's represented in the US. It doesn't matter whether you're in zone three or zone 11, or something in between. If you live in the US, we've got a range of grasses that will thrive in your climate.

Other nurseries sell grass that's rated as hardy to specific zones. But we grow quality grasses descendent from individuals that have adapted to each zone over many generations. When you place your order, we'll determine which hardiness zone you're in and select grasses that are not only hardy to your zone but which are also adapted to your climate so you can be confident that your new grasses can thrive in their new home.

Grasses for Zone 8 serve purposes for small and large projects

If you're only looking for one or a handful of grass plants, we pass on low grower prices for all our single plants and offer some great bulk discounts when you buy as few as five plants.

Pro tip:

We stock grasses that grow well in full sun, full shade, or either sun or shade. We also stock grasses for well-drained soil, boggy soil and ponds, and other aquatic environments. Be sure to pick species and varieties that suit the area you want to plant them in.

So if you want to grab a bargain on grasses that are adapted to your zone, all our grasses are hardy, affordable, and raring to grow.


Grasses for Zone 8 can be an excellent addition to any garden.

They come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. From the famous pompous grass to gray-blue echeveria, something can suit anyone with any style. Grasses can add unique texture and a whole new element of sophistication to the landscape. Mixing grasses can create an excellent design that is sure to attract attention. Individual styles, like the fountaingrass, can give a whole new look to a yard that needs some height and is perfect for adding colorful flowers.

Carex Pennsylvania is one such grass that has a striking presence. These perennials form in culms that are recognizable. This grass likes to have partial sun and prefers slightly dry soil. Having a proper drainage system is essential to consider when looking at this perennial. While this plant prefers to have sandy and loose soil, it can also be great for rocky areas. In nature, this grass grows wild near oak trees, so it is perfect for placing near a tree-lined garden. This grass is natural to take care of, as it requires little maintenance. All the garden needs to do is a simple weeding on occasion and make sure it is watered when needed. It is a self-sufficient grass that most gardens need.

Grasses for Zone 8 is For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping