Golden Bell Forsythia

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Golden Bell Forsythia - Forsythia Intermedia

Golden Bell Forsythia is known by many as the official herald of spring. Its distinctive bright yellow flowers often bring the first spark of life to dull landscapes, blooming even in advance of its foliage! Suitable for zones four through nine, this hardy deciduous bush prefers to grow in well-drained loam but will tolerate nearly any type of soil without the need for augmentation. Shrubs can be planted in partial shade, but ensuring they receive at least four hours of direct sunlight daily will ensure maximum flowering. Golden Bell Forsythia bushes proliferate, gaining up to twenty-four inches in height annually until they reach maturity in five to six years at ten to twelve feet. Mature shrubs will be almost as full as they are tall, spreading in graceful arches up to twelve feet, making them an excellent choice for hedges or a natural alternative to human-made fencing.

Each spring, the Golden Bell Forsythia can be expected to produce a profusion of small, bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers with a very subtle fragrance for about two to four weeks

Flowers are then quickly replaced with dark green, three to five-inch alternating oblong leaves, providing superior privacy through fall. Landscapers often turn to Golden Bell Forsythia as a low-maintenance focal point to disguise problem areas near foundations or around unattractive, but necessary yard fixtures such as well pumps or sprinklers.

Golden Bell Forsythia is a hardy shrub that can with tolerate a variety of hard conditions. 

While this shrub may look delicate, it is known for being highly tolerant to wind, high heat, deep cold, snow, and even the rigors of big city life. It’s resistance to drought and deer also make it a favorite in country settings for planting as a border near fields or meadows. The Golden Bell Forsythia is genuinely an exceptionally versatile shrub that will reward its keepers with years of beauty and service.

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