Fall Foliage Color And Style For The Gardener To Enjoy

Fall Foliage Color And Style For The Gardener To Enjoy

Posted by Tammy Sons on 13th Sep 2017

It is that time of the year again when the colors are showing their beauty in the vibrant fall foliage, states Tammy Sons of Garden Delights Nursery, a leading nursery shipper of plants and trees. It is also the time of year that many people start pondering over what kind of trees would bring forth that beautiful pallet of color in their yard. All one has to do is step outside and look at the changing leaves and the realization of how to get that fall feeling will set in. There is a broad diversity in the many trees that will change colors with the seasons. However, Red Maple trees, Sugar Maple trees, and Black Gum trees are indeed some of the most vibrant fall foliage there is.

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Red Maple trees are striking in the fall months! The leaves change from the green they were in the summer to a bright red in the fall. That is only one of the advantages of planting this tree, however. Red maple trees are beautiful trees that can thrive in all types of soil. It is a very strong tree that lives 70 to 80 years, therefore it doesn't need to be replaced like other trees. When planting the red maple tree it is important to choose a spot where it has room to grow up to the 75 feet it can reach maturity.

Sugar Maple trees are majestic against the fall sky. Their leaves will be a bright orange in color, and will certainly lift the spirits of any fall enthusiast. This tree can grow up to a hundred feet tall and provide some of the most drastic of colors in the fall season. They are shade tolerant, which makes them ideal for almost any yard.

Black Gum Trees also know as tupelo trees add several colors to any fall foliage. Their leaves can be orange, scarlet, or purple. The fruit that grows in small clusters will turn a blue color. Planting this tree in acidic soil with plenty of room to grow its big span will ensure that you get to enjoy its entire beauty.

The fall season is loved by many. The weather is cool, and things are changing. Planting trees that bring gorgeous colors is a wonderful way to enjoy it. Everyone knows how planting trees benefit our earth. Perhaps planting one of these trees will spruce up your yard by bringing you vibrant fall foliage!