Red Perennials: The Looks, Style, And Classic Elegance

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 12, 2016

Red Perennials

Red is a attracting color when you see it, it will catch your eye and you will not be able to help staring at the area. Here are some top perennials that will add this color to your garden or landscape area. The Catchfly Perennial is a top choice. This plant grows best in climate zones three through nine and will be upwards of four feet tall. It will appreciate a full sunlight environment paired with slightly dry soil conditions. They will draw in bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your landscape, making it even more alive with the sounds of buzzing and chirping. It is a slower growing plant and will have some unique shaped blooms that are beautiful and red in color. This plant is also drought tolerant making it an excellent choice for drier climate areas. It can even catch flies with the ooze that comes out of its flowers! What a versatile plant! The Indian Pink Plant is another great choice. Do not let the name fool you, it is very much red in its coloration. It can grow in full sunlight or partially shaded areas. This plant will also prefer soils that are slightly moist and delicious in its composition. It will keep weeds out of your garden area and will come back stronger each year and will even multiply. The beautiful blooms are highlighted by some amazingly green foliage that will take your breath away when they are paired together. Lobelias are another great selection. They grow best in climate zones four through eight and will be anywhere from three to four feet tall. They will grow in either full sunlight or partial shade and will appreciate soils that are moist and rich in their natures. They will be tubular red flowers that appear in the summer and fall months and will be a welcomed sight each year. Try one of these red perennials in your landscape this year!