Pink Spirea: Lovely, With Color And Style You Can See

Pink Spirea: Lovely, With Color And Style You Can See

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 03, 2016

Pink Spirea

Spirea Spiraca Japonica

The cascading growth habit of the pink spirea makes it an impressive addition to a garden. This deciduous shrub is appropriate for most hardiness zones. It grows rapidly to a height of 24 to 36 inches. In addition to evaluating the height of the plant, it’s essential to consider the spreading ability of the spirea. This extended branches of this stunning plant can cover a space of 24 to 36 inches. When included as part of a mix in a garden or landscape design, spirea should be given sufficient space so that it doesn’t overpower or crowd out the other plants. A span of at least 25 inches or more should be allowed between spirea shrubs and the other plant that will be added to the landscape design. Spirea will grow in most types of soil. It may be necessary to water your spirea during the summer months to promote growth and to assure healthy blooms. Adding a layer of mulch around the plant can help retain moisture. It's essential that spirea bushes be planted in an area that has good drainage.

Spirea should be fertilized in the spring. The expansive width and fullness of the spirea make it an excellent border plant. If you're looking for a border plant that will create privacy for your backyard or patio area, a row of spirea can provide seclusion while functioning as an artistic element in your outdoor space. The growth habit of this plant also makes it an impressive focal point in a landscape design. In order for the spirea to perform at its highest level of excellence, it needs to be planted in a sunny location. Sunshine is required in order for the shrub to achieve the dark green foliage that provides a spectacular background for the vibrant pink flowers. The spirea should be pruned after blooming season.