Enhancing Your Lawn  And Landscape With Trees and Plants

Enhancing Your Lawn And Landscape With Trees and Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on 29th Dec 2016

Buy Trees & Plants to Enhance Your Lawn

Green velvet stretches of grass can be the envy of the neighborhood, but adding trees and other plants to your lawn increases the look and value of a property. Trees provide shade, add decorative interest or shield your yard from the neighbors. Plants bring your garden added color, fragrance and delight.

Accent and Structure: Buy Trees for Your Lawn

For shading the house from harsh sunlight, protecting from winds and increasing privacy by blocking neighbor’s line of sight, tall trees are the answer. Both pines and deciduous trees, such as oaks, maples, and mountain ash trees give structure to your yard. Specimen or decorative trees include many flowering varieties such as crab apple, decorative cherry and plum trees and various willows.

Choose trees that fit with the size of your yard and will not intrude on neighboring properties. Small properties should focus on ornamentals. Larger yards can handle groups or lines of taller varieties.

Adding Beauty: Buy Plants for Yard and Garden

While trees add massive structure to your yard, plants other than hedge shrubs are mostly ornamental. Bushes can be either evergreen or deciduous and often have flowers in spring or autumn. These look great against the house walls or as a backdrop in a garden bed.

Perennial plants come back year after year. Some popular types include lilies, hosta, mums, and daisies. Annual plants, such as begonias, impatiens and marigolds, survive for only one year and must be replanted. Establish an attractive garden with perennials as the base and accent each year with colorful annuals. Find plants to match the color scheme of your house, or create a rainbow-hued garden design with many colors.

Important Reminders When Choosing Plants and Trees to Buy

Homeowners may be tempted to buy out of season, damaged or ill-looking plants to save money. To a point, this is an acceptable idea. Planting a tree in the fall is as viable as planting it in the spring, and dry plants that still have healthy stems will come back beautifully the next year. However, what you save up front in costs will result in less beauty and functionality for a year or more.

Another method of saving money when you buy plants and trees for your yard is buying small sized stock. A five foot tree is much more economical than a twenty foot tree, but are you prepared to wait years to get the look you want? Plants should be placed according to their mature size, so yards may look spotty or unfinished as you wait for the vegetation to grow in.

Buy the best quality you can afford. Understand each variety’s particular requirements of sunlight, water and soil conditions before planting. Keep in mind mature size when you buy trees and other plants. Avoid overcrowding. Whether you want a stand of towering pine trees or a rose garden, research first for maximum health and beauty.

Whether your yard needs privacy, structure or beautiful design, buy trees and buy plants to fill every niche. Properly chosen and planted, flowers and shrubs are a great accent to any yard, and established trees add interest and increase property value too.