Fundraisers Groundcover Collection - 6 Plants

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All ground covers will be chosen to thrive in your hardy planting zone.

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Fundraisers Groundcover Collection - 6 Plants

Why Groundcover Collections are Highly Advisable for Gardners

Fundraisers Groundcover Collection provide low-profile win-win situations for gardeners. They have beautiful foliage. They also prevent excessive weed growth, dryness and erosion in the soil. They also avoid too much snowdrift in the winter. It can include any range of both vegetation and flowers. However, you will need to be very considerate as to which species do well in the shade and which thrive in sunlight. The groundcover vegetation and flowers also root to each other to help bring the soil together in different areas of the landscape. All those nutrients are what help to make the flowers and the vegetation beautiful.

Are you a new homeowner? Are you looking for a great deal to revamp your yard? With the groundcover collection, you get two creeping myrtle periwinkles, two dwarf crested iris, and two partridge berry plants. These plants will offer you a wide selection of size, style, and color. This collection has a variety of plants to make any dull area into a vibrant, colorful space in no time. For example, the creeping myrtle periwinkle is a vine-like plant that can grow up to 12 inches long and 12 inches tall. It has a small green leaf with a little purple to blue flower. Deer and other wildlife animals will flock to this plant. The dwarf crested iris is small and has a white or yellow bloom with small leaves. The partridge berry can grow up to 18 inches long or more with a little red bean. These plants love partial shade to full sun with moist, well-drained soils. They look good planted around natural areas and water gardens. They are easy to care for. With this package, you can get your money worth at one time! Fundraisers are a great way to earn money. Most places cant offer you wholesale prices and drop ship programs where you can ship directly to your customers through us. At Tn Nursery, we provide you grower prices fundraisers at affordable prices on garden plants collections.


Fundraisers Groundcover Collection