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It is one of the first shrubs to blossom at the start of the growing season. Once the flowers fade, the dense foliage fills the branches. This plant grows in well-drained soil and prefers full sun but tolerates shade in the afternoon. The plant has a fast growth rate. The shrub is drought-tolerant once it is established. Use the forsythia shrub, as a single focal point in the landscape or plant a line to create a living hedge. Prune the plant in the fall or very early spring before the shrub buds out. This plant is seldom infected with pests or diseases.

Forsythia Shrubs produce make a very vibrant addition to any home garden or landscape

The Forsythia X Intermedia

The forsythia is a very popular shrub and is a favorite of many people and gardeners alike. Many people associate the forsythia's blooms with the onset of spring. It produces beautiful and vivid yellow flowers for the first several weeks. After that, the flowers fall off, and the shrub becomes a lush green bush for the remainder of the summer. The forsythia is great for hedges or border along the house. The shrub does best when it is pruned immediately after flowering occurs. It is extremely fast growing and very hardy. It can thrive in just about any climate and soil type and grows best in full sunlight and partially shaded areas.

Forsythia Shrubs come in more than one variety 

Golden Bell Forsythia

The Golden Bell Forsythia grows best in hardy zones 4-9. When the plant blooms in early spring there are yellows blossoms that look like bells at the tip of each branch. This plant can grow anywhere from one high all the way to ten feet. These plants make great accents to gardens and landscaping. The Golden Bell Forsythia needs full sunlight or light shade.

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