Fire Pink

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Silene is a perennial in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 8.

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Fire Pink Plant - Silene Virginica is a hard to miss flower making your garden stand out

Fire Pink Plant is a flower unique to the United States. One can find it in many regions of the U.S.A. from the east to the west and the south. The name fits with its stunning, eye-catching red or pink color. The Latin name is Silene Virginica meaning "of Virginia" and belongs to the Pink or Carnation family (scientifically called Caryophyllaceae meaning catchfly). This flashy vegetation is classified as a herbaceous perennial, which means that its lifetime is around two to three years long (although this particular plant is said to have a relatively short life expectancy).

Overall the Fire Pink Plant fits it's title perfectly and is a show stopper.

Other characteristics of the Fire Pink Plant include its stem that reaches anywhere from twelve to twenty inches long. This stem is made of a sticky material, and each flower has five petals. Growing wild in woodland and rocky terrain one will most likely see a group of these flowers growing together. For planting and gardening purposes, the best zone to plant Fire Pink Plants in is zone 4 through zone 8. Soil should be medium to dry, well-drained (preferring gravel and sandy soils) and needs to be put either partly in the sun or fully exposed to the sun.

 The bright, loud, velvet red shade petals make this flower unique and a great addition to any garden or home.


The full height on average is one foot to one and a half feet tall. The bloom period is usually in the spring, but they can also sprout in the summer. This will be anywhere between April and August. Regarding landscaping, this flower is exquisite in looks and also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Even in the wild, it's hard to miss this flower, and it can quickly adapt to different surroundings with the right soil and care.


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