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Ferns for Zone 10

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Buying Ferns for Zone 10 from Tn Nursery can add beauty to your landscape or garden

How to plant Ferns For Zone 8? Let's begin by unpacking your greenery. The box and packing material protect the fern rhizomes. These are bulb like in appearance and if you cannot tell the top or bottom plant sideways and let the fern figure it out naturally. Select a spot that ferns will thrive in such as under the canopy of trees. This location gives them the dappled sunlight and shade they desire. Usually, when bare root ferns are packed for shipping, they are protected with a gel-like substance painted on the root areas. This antibacterial agent will help to keep pests away during shipment. Do not disturb this protective covering. Plant as is and it will grow beautifully.

Ferns for Zone 10 include Staghorn, Boston, Wood, Ostrich, Fiddlehead, Maidenhair, Japanese, and Sword Ferns

There are several varieties of ferns that can add beauty to your home. Some of these types of ferns are:

* Staghorn fern - Usually planted without any dirt. Placed on tree limbs.
* Boston fern - indoor fern that should be cut back when planting from a plant.
* Wood fern - Found in shady woody locations. Plant only in loamy soil that is not dry.
* Ostrich fern - Plant this fern in small groups, dappled light. 
* fiddlehead fern spiral shaped buds that unfurl. Plant in smaller spaces. 
* Maidenhair fern - Light, airy greenery mainly planted as an indoor plant
* Japanese ferns - Assortment of unusual ferns varying in color
* Sword fern - Spiky fern that is very showy. Suitable for planting in pots indoors.

Ferns for Zone 10 should carefully be sorted and planted

A Final Word on Planting

These are some of the selections of ferns that you can order to plant. Bare root tubers are less than twenty percent the cost of potted ferns. The tubers store easily in a plastic sealed bag in a cold place. Dormant bare root fern tubers are known as rhizomes. Usually, they do best a season after they are planted. All ferns do well plant in semi- too shady areas. Knowing how to plant bare root ferns is not difficult. Start by planting tubers at least one inch below the top of the soil just like you are planting flower bulbs. Then add your tuber packing the soil securely over the top of it. Cover this with mulch or compost and leaves. Do add sphagnum peat moss to the ground to hold in moisture as ferns do not like to dry out between watering times. Ferns are bug resistant naturally, so you do not need to worry about pests. Ferns are low maintenance and are a top pick for many situations.


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