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Fern Plants

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Fern Plants - Utilization of native ferns in landscaping 

Fern Plants- Pteridophyta

Fern Plants can reproduce in two ways: via spores housed in sporangia under their fronds, or through the division of rhizomes. These stem structures make up a shallow root system that helps prevent soil erosion in fern habitats. Most ferns thrive in shady and moist areas, such as forests.

Fern Plants can offer a woodsy, upscale or native jungle like appeal to any garden, large or small

If you haven't considered using ferns in your landscaping before, it might be time to think again. These perennial beauties may not have showy flowers, but they offer another dimension to your garden. Here is a look at some of the things that ferns can offer: Christmas ferns, hay-scented ferns, and ostrich ferns are best fern sellers.

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Ground cover

Some ferns, like the hay-scented, will make an excellent ground-cover that makes weed control a snap. Look for a fern that grows individual stalks, not clumps to have a consistent cover.

Wildlife: When it comes to wildlife gardens, ferns provide the cover and structure needed for animals like ground-feeding birds and small rodents to be able to forage without danger from predators safely. Ferns like ostrich ferns can offer enough screening to let them explore. If you are creating a wildlife garden, consider food source, safe access for wildlife and structures (low to medium level shrubs) for birds and squirrels to perch on.

Native Plants: Studies have shown that native plants offer more to wildlife, are more comfortable to grow without adding water, fertilizer or other additives, and reduce the risk of damaging adjacent wildlife ecosystems with runaway ornamental plants. Perennial beauties like the Christmas fern are considered environmentally smart choices that will increase both your yard's beauty and lower its environmental footprint. Interesting Foliage: After color and height, variability in foliage shape is an excellent way to add beauty to your garden.

The complex leaflet structures in ferns can be simple, sturdy and evergreen dark or compounded with lacy lime-green delicacy. Not sure what would add the most appeal to your garden? Bring pictures to your local nursery and let their professionals offer their thoughts on the best choices for your location, light level, soil and additional plants.


Fern Plants