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Ferns are ancient plants and come in a considerable variety of texture, size, shape, and color. Once planted in the landscape, they seldom need much maintenance or fuss. Ferns are simply perfect plants to consider in your home and view.

When we think of ferns, however, the image is of a finicky shade lover. You may be surprised to learn that there are extremely cold hardy fern plants and heat resistant fern plants. Years of development have made some landscape ferns quite adaptable to extreme zoning regions in North America. Just what variety of greenery is best for zone 5 versus zone 8 is left to the trade tool known as a zone finder. We can help answer that question because Tn Nursery has a zone finder. You can buy ferns perfectly suited to grow well in your zone.

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Cold Hardy & Heat Hardy Fern Plants
Ferns may have the reputation of being finicky growers, preferring a warm and shady spot in the garden. You would not expect that some varieties have the reputation of being northern winter lovers. Surprisingly, a cold winter climate isn’t out of the realm of possibility, so long as you choose a fern variety that has been zoned for the northern climate. This means that ferns identified for Zones 3-5 can survive outdoors without much fuss, so long as you water them in extremely dry situations.

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Just as surprising as ferns living in extreme cold is that some varieties of ferns will do quite well with a lot of light and heat. Sun ferns are known for their bright green and feathery fronds and are adapted from areas, like Australia, to tolerate heat and drought better. These varieties can survive the searing temperatures and burning sunshine of the deep south in summer. Fern varieties identified for Zones 8-11 can survive outdoors, so long as they have access to lots of water.
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. and the Zone Finder
So, how do you determine what Fern is right for your growing climate and conditions? The answer is the zone finder. And, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. has a zone finder. You can buy ferns perfectly suited to grow well in your zone. Contact us so we can help.

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