Fern Plants Grab bag - 40 Ferns

We ship freshly dug bare-root plants, carefully packaged to arrive in excellent condition.

Please Note:
We do not guarantee you specific plants or varieties, we ship what's available in surplus for our grab bags & we always send hardy plants for your area.
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    fern plants grab bag

    Posted by Kirk Curtis on Sep 03, 2019

    I love how they mix well with my other plants

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    Happy Customer

    Posted by Grace on May 10, 2016

    My plants arrived within a few days of my order. The plants were packed with no damage to nine very healthy specimens. I planted all and they are already beginning to grow. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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    healthy living plants

    Posted by Ethan Tucker on May 06, 2016

    Arrived on time & very well packaged. One one the freshest, most healthy looking plants I've ever ordered!

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    Great for a gift

    Posted by Grant on Feb 20, 2016

    It has all the ferns one needs to get started!

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Shipping Information

We ship all plants usps priority mail. They arrive to most locations within 2-3 days. We package all plants to retain moisture to up to 10 days in transit. All plants ships from our warehouses in Tennessee. All plants are grown and shipped from out Altamont (zip) 37301 location. We do drop ship for re-sellers also for those wanting to resell our plants.

How We Protect Your Plants For Transit

All plants are dug and immediately taken to our warehouse and tera-sorb moisture retention gel is applied to the roots and then wrapped in plastic to retain superior moisture for transit. They are placed in corogated cardboard shipping boxes for protection when shipped

Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Upon receipt of your plants, unpack and unwrap the roots and mist with water. Plant within 24-48 hours. If you can not plant within this time frame, put your plants in a cool location (ex- basement, garage or cellar) and water the roots daily. Cover them back up with the plastic so they will not dry out until you can plant them. After planted, water every evening after the sun goes down for 5 days.

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Fern Plants Grab Bag Has Ten Unique an Hand Chosen Ferns

Fern Plants Grab Bag

Ferns are non-flowering plants that offer fantastic texture and versatility with their beautiful arching green fronds. Because of this, ferns command attention when planted alone, but they also add a stunning backdrop for the shade garden, making them excellent companions for flowering plants. Useful in mass plantings, ferns also add drama when used in borders or as accent plants. Individual fronds make beautiful additions to arrangements of cut flowers and bouquets.
There are more than 380 varieties of ferns in North America, in varying shades of green, providing a variety of exciting and ornamental patterns. Although they are similar to flowering plants, with roots, stems, and leaves, ferns reproduce differently by spreading tiny spores or by the growth of bullets.

Fern Plants Grab Bag is a Versatile Option for Beautiful, Non-Flowering Plants

Ferns average one to three feet in height, as well as diameter, and are slow growers. Most require evenly moist, well-draining, humus-rich soil and regular watering. The ground should not be allowed to dry out between watering times. Different varieties need varying amounts of shade. They have few pest problems.
Perennials that continue to grow for years, ferns may be propagated through division, preferably in spring. The greenery should be watered first, then gently dug up and divided into two or three clumps which can replant. Fiddleheads are the rolled up fronds seen when a fern experiences growth.
One of the most popular ferns is the Boston fern, loved for its showy fronds which can reach up to five feet in length. Though often displayed in hanging baskets, it is also a great addition to the garden. It thrives in high humidity and temperatures in the 60's and 70's.

Our Fern Plants Grab bag has ten unique and hand chosen ferns, perfect for your planting zone.

All mature and will be knowledgeable size within six weeks after planting. This is a grab bag, and however we do hand choose fern plants perfect for your zone, we do not accept requests asking for specific species of our plants. You will not be unhappy!

We are great pickers and choosers!


Fern Plants Grab Bag is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Fast Shipping and Low Rates




 Fern Plants Grab bag