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Fast-Growing Trees - A classification used to describe trees that take a relatively short amount of time to reach maturity, usually under 50 years. Examples of this sort of tree include willow, Paulownia, evergreens, maple, aspen, cherry, oak, maple, and birch. These trees are usually sold for looks or shade generation. Fast growing trees are those that grow more than 3 feet per year. Fastest growing are maple trees, poplar and empress trees. Other favorites for fast growing are maple trees, poplar, and cypress'. Empress trees are sometimes considered invasive but are the fastest growing trees in the US, growing 10 feet or more per year. 

Fast Growing Trees can enhance your yard

People are staying longer in their homes these days, and are making attempts at making their yards more attractive. One of the ways that people beautify their yards is by the use of trees. Trees have a calming effect and make the yard more attractive. Many people find that placing fast-growing trees in certain places in a yard can keep down energy costs. These trees provide lots of shade during the summer months, thus sometimes eliminating the need to use air conditioning. The biggest concern for many homeowners is finding the best trees to plant in their yard.

One wonderful tree to plant is the Weeping Willow. This tree typically grows anywhere from six to eight feet a year. This tree has a very strong root system that makes it sturdy and easy to grow. This tree favors wet moist areas. Where water accumulates. This makes them a prime candidate for areas of a yard that contain excessive moisture.

Fast Growing Trees are very hardy and tolerant to many climates

Another tree that is popular among homeowners is the Eucalyptus tree. This hearty tree grows up to six feet a year in ideal conditions. This aromatic tree is a favorite for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is they are an easy maintenance type of tree. They do not shed their leaves making raking of leaves unnecessary. Another feature many people enjoy is the fact it stays green all year round.

Another one of the fast growing trees is the Royal Empress Tree. This amazing tree can grow a staggering 15 feet a year, and sometimes even more. The leaves on this flowering tree are huge, often a foot in width, and is perfectly suited for those that want to have a tree shading their home.

One of the best fast-growing trees that offer a lot of shade is the American Sycamore tree. This tree grows up to six feet a year and ideally suited for the homeowner wanting a shade tree that provides utility savings. During the summer months, the broad leaves can shade the house against the sun. During the winter months, the tree sheds its leaves and lets the sunlight penetrate the house through its leafless branches.

Nothing compares to having beautiful trees in the front yard of a home. The trees provide many benefits and can give any home a refreshing and comfortable look.

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