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If you are looking for trees to compliment your landscape, evergreen trees are among the trees that would suit this need.

The evergreen tree is one of the few trees that keeps its color no matter the time of year. Evergreen trees can grow up to seven feet and reinforce their growth—this one of the reasons why these trees are perfect for landscaping.

Most trees in the tropical rainforest are considered to be evergreens. Evergreen trees come in many varieties, including trees or shrubs.

One of the other trees that will compliment your landscaping needs is the pine tree. Pine trees are also in the family of those trees that remain green with foliage throughout the year.

Pines are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, they would also be a great addition to your landscape. Although pines have been grown as timber, they have also been cultivated for use in parks and gardens. These trees have been known to grow anywhere from 3 meters to hundreds of feet. Pine trees cones are used for all sorts of arts and crafts projects and have become a tradition in America for Christmas Wreaths. Pine trees can live anywhere from one hundred to one thousand years old. Pines grow well in acid soils and require good soil drainage.

The loblolly pine, also known as the North Carolina and Arkansas pine or Oldfield pine, is The most commercially grown timber in the South Eastern United States. The loblolly pine covers more than fifty percent of the South Eastern United States and grows from New Jersey to Oklahoma and a few states. This evergreen, the loblolly pine, can reach heights up to one hundred and ten feet tall. These tresses provide habitat for many wildlife species including, white-tailed deer, rabbits, squirrels, doves, wild turkeys, and songbirds. Many other birds depend on this tree for more than fifty percent of their diet. Planting and growing one of these trees would truly help the environment in more than one way.


The white pine is a fluffier version of the evergreens. It likes moist, well-drained soils, and it grows up to eighty feet and can be as wide as twenty to forty feet over the landscape. Planting trees are just one way to show the earth how much we appreciate all it does for us without asking for much in return. Plant a tree today and sustain life for tomorrow.

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Top 5 Best Selling Evergreens 

Evergreens are shrubs and trees that only lose their leaves a few times, unlike deciduous trees, which drop all of their leaves at once, usually in the winter or during a drought. Because of this, evergreens are often used as windbreaks, privacy hedges, and plants that give interest in a winter garden. Here are five best selling evergreens:


 Cedar Trees: Cedrus Genus

 True cedars belong to the Cedrus genus and have flat, scaly leaves that are arranged in fans. Their leaves give off a pleasant smell when they are crushed. Though cedar trees are planted extensively around North America for their beauty, they originate in the Mediterranean and the Himalayas. Cedar trees can grow from 20 to 150 feet tall.


 White Pine trees: Pinus Strobus, Pinus Monticola

 There are two major types of white pine trees. One is the eastern white pine or Pinus Strobus, and the other is the western white pine or Pinus Monticola. Both are prized for both their beauty and timber. They are fast-growing trees used as ornamentals, and the groves of these trees are known for whispering in the wind. The eastern white pine can grow to 150 feet tall. The western white pine can grow to over 200 feet tall.


 Ponderosa Pine Trees: Pinus Ponderosa

 Ponderosa pine trees are enormous trees famous in the mountains and mesas of the western part of the United States. These trees can grow from 100 to 200 feet high and have solid and drooping branches. 


 Spruce Pine Trees: Pinus Glabra

 Spruce pine trees are found mainly in the southern part of the country and thrive in moist soil, high humidity, and a warm climate. Spruce pines are also known for their soft, twisted needles, which are 1 1/2 to 3 inches long. Spruce pine trees can grow up to 100 feet in height.


 Privet Plants

 Though many private plants are deciduous, some species are evergreen. Evergreen private plants are sought after because they make a year-round privacy hedge. Privets multiply, and in the spring bear frothy white or cream flowers that turn to blackberries in the fall.