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Cross Vine

The Cross Vine is a climbing, woody evergreen vine with blooming flowers. The crossvine gets its name because of the crossing pattern found in the cross-section of the stem. During early spring and early fall, the vine blooms yellow, red, or golden trumpet-shaped flowers that attract bees, birds, and hummingbirds. Pruning is recommended during the winter months to keep the vine from growing out of control. The vine can be grown in a container or as a border, or a pergola. This vine would make an excellent addition to any garden and is very easy to grow and maintain. Care should be taken to make sure the vine does not dry out in drier climates. This vine will provide plenty of shade and privacy for your garden. The blooms are pretty, and the fragrance is quite pleasant.

Evergreen Vines attract bees and butterflies.


Ajuga is a fast-growing evergreen used as ground cover. It grows and spreads extremely quickly, so if you are looking to cover an area fast, this is the plant for you. It sends forth a blue or purple conical flower in the spring and early summer that reaches up to six inches in height. Most leaves are green, but you can find cultivars with leaves ranging from golden to brown.


USDA Climate Zone: three to ten

Plant Height: up to six inches when in bloom

Soil Type: tolerant of many soil types as long as it is well-drained

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Evergreen Vines are pretty low-maintenance for the most part.

This plant grows into a dense, mat-like cover for the ground, making it excellent for controlling erosion. Runners are sent out for spreading and should be removed if taking root in an area you do not want to spread. Pruning is easy - mow or cut back to the ground. Pruning is required every three years to prevent crown rot. It is native to Eurasia, and it is deer and rabbit resistant. It also goes by the names bugleweed, carpet bugle, bugle, blue bugle, bugle herb, and carpenters herb. According to some sources, it has been used in ancient herbal medicine to stem bleeding.

Evergreen vines stay lush and green year-round. Perfect for those bare areas in landscaping where little else will grow. They are hardy and require little care to grow and thrive. Planting is also easy. Have a steep hill or slope you can not mow or maintain? Plant evergreen vines. They make the best plants for soil erosion.

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