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Black Pine

Pinus Nigra or better known as Black Pine. This is an evergreen tree that grows in cold climates and can be found in the cold regions of Europe and North America. The Black Pine Tree is a member of the coniferous tree family and is the most common. They can grow up to 49 feet or 45 meters in height. There are many different types and varieties of the Black Pine; Nishiki, yatsubusa, and seedling. The Nishiki has grafted from cuttings, and its bark has a cork-like appearance, while the Yatsubusa is dwarf-like with small needle-shaped leaves. Of course, the seedlings are grown from seed. Of the three varieties, the Japanese Black Pine is the most favored and is produced as a seedling. It is most common around shorelines. To care for your black pine is simple. Plant in your garden in the early spring when buds start swelling, which should be from the latter half of February to the middle of April, protect from freezing. The black pines are tolerant of water, unlike other varieties of pines, and can be planted in areas where the soil stays soggy. Overall, these trees make for an excellent addition to your landscape.

Evergreen Conifers For Zone 8 are hardy and stay green all year long.

Canadian Hemlock

The Canadian Hemlock, or eastern Hemlock, is an evergreen or conifer. This plant is conical in shape and looks much like a Christmas tree, growing up to 80 feet high with a spread of 25 to 30 feet. However, this tree has not been cultivated due to the needles falling off quickly after being cut. The needles are smaller and more beautiful than most other pine trees and are dark green on top with a light green hue underneath. The bark is dark red or reddish-brown at maturity.

Based on the USDA recommendations, the Canadian Hemlock is best grown in zones 3-7. It requires soil that is moist but offers good drainage as well. It is indigenous to the eastern part of North America, where rainfall measures 29 inches to 50 inches per year.

Evergreen Conifers For Zone 8 have a high tolerance to shade.

Because of its high tolerance to shade, it has been used as a landscaping tree in the UK, Germany, and the Eastern United States. It has also been cultivated as a privacy screen and sometimes as a shrub or hedge plant because it creates little mess. Unfortunately, because of the shallow root system of this tree, it cannot be used as an effective windbreak as high winds will cause dieback in winter.

The Canadian Hemlock may be slow-growing, but because of its long life expectancy, it is a great tree to plant and use as a living will, a hedge, or just as a beautiful tree to admire for many years to come.

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