Evergreen Conifers for Zone 5

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Healthy, healthy bushes are beautiful when they're planted along walkways, patios, or porches. They help to soften these examples of hardscaping and make them more inviting. They can also create the right color and texture contrast for them. A walkway made out of slate paving stones looks much less forbidding when edged with a low-growing Pinus mugo, Chamelaucium, or a candytuft.

Evergreen Conifers For Zone 5 should be sheltered from the wind.

However, as with everything else, the location of where the bush will be planted is essential. A piece of property doesn't just exist in a climate but in several microclimates, some of which might be suitable for some plants but unsuitable for others. Shrubs planted beside a porch or a patio can be sheltered from the wind, and the heat from the house that flows out through the windows and doors might even make the area a bit warmer than it would be in the open yard. On the other hand, if a porch blocks sunlight from a plant that needs a lot of it, that plant will never do as well as it could.

Evergreen Conifers for Zone 5 are deciduous and need plenty of care.

Another tip for planting beside walkways is not planting deciduous plants along sidewalks covered with loose surface materials like crushed rock or gravel. That is because the fallen leaves, flowers, and fruit will be challenging to clean up. Brick and granite setts are better used with deciduous plants, while loose gravel and shredded bark go better with evergreens like juniper and yew. Bushes should also not be planted right on the edge of a patio, porch, or walkway, even though it might be tempting to do so when the plant is still small. The gardener should know how tall and wide the plant is liable to grow when it's mature and allow it to have room and not crowd the edges of the hardscaping.

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