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There are many things one can do to save on cooling costs. The most effective way of doing this is by planting shade trees. By doing this, you employ a smaller amount of energy, and in doing so, your heating and air company then produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Many companies strongly encourage the use of trees, and some of them even hold specific promotions and even rebates just by planting trees along the side of your home.

Cooling costs during the summer can be brought down by 30% merely by planting three of them around your house. Many families living in California found that their electric bills went down by $25 during the summer months.

Evergreen Conifers For Zone 4 need to be planted where they won't overheat.

Cooling your home this way will work perfectly as long as you plant the trees primarily on the west and south side of your home. Another brilliant place to plant the trees is on any pavements, sidewalks, open patios and porches, and over your air conditioning unit because they do not overheat in the sun.

The trees that you will want to plant are deciduous. Deciduous trees have broad leaves and shed them only once annually, during the winter. By doing this, the branches of the trees cover your house and block out the sunlight. In turn, you are keeping your home fresh while the leaves are present.

Evergreen Conifers For Zone 4 sometimes shed leaves in the wintertime

Then, in the winter, when the leaves are shed, your house will be completely uncovered, and the sun's light will then be able to reach through the branches to warm your home.

Another option to save on your electric bill is to plant a line of Evergreen trees either directly behind your house or on the north side of your home. What this does is help block the wind in the winter. Then, in turn, saving you on your heating bill. Still, by about 30%.

Shade trees are eco-friendly, as well as a budget-friendly addition to anyone's home.

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